‚ÄčNational Labor Union 1866

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This union was the first of its kind in the United States of America. The NLU wantend to make congress create labor law reform. The NLU represented and fought for the common man. The NLU (National Labor Union) set the norm for future labor Unions. Some labor unions that were influenced by the NLU are the Knights of Labor and The American Federation of Labor. The NLU was established in 1866 at a conference in Baltimore. The NLU was the first Union to push for an 8 hour work day. The NLU was formed in order to organize skilled and unskilled laborers. It campaigned from allowing the Chinese to work in the United States. It fought for women and blacks. The campaign that worked to defend rights of blacks was the 1917_iww.jpg
Colored National Union. The NLU favored working out differences politically over strikes.
President Grant favored the NLU and hoped to keep their wages steady, but many of the companies reduced the wages anyways. The NLU passed legislation in states such as New York that demanded fair pay. They believed that owners and workers had similar interests which is why they were opposed to strikes. In 1872 the NLU trasformed itself into the National Labor Reform Party.
The Depression of the 1870's drove down National Labor Union membership. To help conscript more members they politicized their campaign and elected David Davis to run for the National Labor reform party during the 1872 election. David Davis later backed out of the race and the National Labor Reform Party epic failed.